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Ron B Palmer

CEO/Chief Editor

Constitutional Scholar

Ron B Palmer is the founder of The National Family Law Policy Center and founder of Fix Family Courts. He has passionately dedicated thousands of hours to researching state and federal appellate court decisions on family law matters. He routinely distills this information into powerful arguments for the protection of parental rights which he believes is necessary to protect children. He firmly believes that children are best protected and nurtured by having two fit parents in their lives who each have equal parental authority regardless of their marital status. He believes this is true even though some small percentage of parents harm their children.

Ron believes these rights and this authority are natural rights and natural authority that predate civilization and the formation of our nation and its founding documents. Ron believes that the United States Constitution protects these natural rights and that the Supreme Court has consistently, for well over a hundred years, interpreted the constitution to protect these rights.

Family law courts are locked into a pattern of behavior which continues for several reasons. First it is what they have always done. Second, there is a 50 billion dollar per year industry that depends on violating the fundamental rights of parents and their children. And Third, there is a societal preconception about the rights of parents that conflicts with what the rights really are. Fortunately, Ron has over 20 years of organizational change consulting experience and was employed by both Accenture and Deloitte LLC. to consult with the largest global companies on the planet on how to change their organizational policies, processes, and procedures, as well as the way their people do work on a daily business.  Ron is now leveraging this corporate consulting experience to bring constitutional change to family law.

Ron has authored books in technology management frameworks (IT Service Management) used as text books all over the world. He helped propose and create a graduate program in IT Service Management at the University of Dallas Graduate School and served on its advisory board. He helped create an annual academic conference in IT Service Management and has spoken at numerous academic conferences.  Ron is the primary author of the book “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” where the case for constitutional guarantees in family law is made and a constitutional solution is proposed.

As the National Family Law Policy Center’s founder, CEO, constitutional scholar, and visionary, Ron’s goal is to establish a common constitutionally compliant family law policy adopted by all 50 states and the federal government by working with legislators, executives, judges, attorneys, and parents to expose the current problems and to develop new 21st Century solutions. It is Ron’s belief that children benefit most when they have two parents in their lives with full and equal rights to protect and nurture them through childhood. While there are some bad parents in the world that children need to be protected from, Ron believes that loving parents are always better protectors than government bureaucrats no matter what position that bureaucrat holds.

When it comes to law, no area of the law operates outside the guarantees of the federal constitution and family law is no exception. Ron simply will not tolerate the idea that family law should be free from constitutional guarantees and the United States Supreme Court has never tolerated that idea either.

The underpinnings of Ron’s philosophy is that parental rights are natural individual rights protected by the constitution. They have no dependence on the marital status of the child’s parents to each other and cannot be infringed based on that marital status or based on changes to that marital status. There can be no discrimination based on marital status or divorce. This means that parental rights must be the same for all fit parents whether married, never married, or divorced.

The most basic of these constitutional guarantees is that each parent must be presumed by the law to be a fit parent and that each fit parent must be presumed by the law to be acting in their child’s best interests. Each parent and child share a protected private family unit, the privacy of which the state may not invade until it proves that the interests of the parent and child diverge in a constitutionally significant way. These constitutional presumptions are the family law equivalent of the criminal presumption that all accused are innocent until the state proves them guilty of a crime.

Children also have these rights mirrored to the rights of the parents. The child has a right to family privacy and to have each parent retain the full authority to protect them from unwanted intrusion by the government into their private family lives. Children have a right to have two full and equal parents in their lives where those parents are willing and able. Children may not be punished for the otherwise lawful actions of their parents by having their rights to either parent removed or lessened by the state in any way. Where children have a right to stability, it is the right to stability in both parent-child relationships and the state may not interfere with this stability for its own purposes.

Ron B Palmer brings to this field of family law a fresh approach and a fresh vision unshaped by law school conditioning and presumptions about how things should work based on how they have always worked. His corporate expertise is precisely in this area of changing how things have always worked into how things work better for all involved. He sees things as they are and reads the constitutions, statutes, and court opinions without the institutionalized biases and prejudices taught in law schools by professors who have been doing the same old thing for hundreds of years. Ron has a proven track record of transforming massive complex broken systems into highly efficient integrated systems that serve the needs of both those who create them and those who must work within them.

Family law is a massive complex broken system that generates 50 billion dollars per year of mostly wasted effort paid for by children. The legal presumptions that drive this system are outdated and have been declared unconstitutional. The ideas driving the system are influenced by bias and prejudice against unmarried parents, against divorced parents and against the children of these parents. It wasn’t so long ago that the term “bastard” was a highly slanderous brand to place on someone because it meant that the law treated them as second class based on nothing more than the marital status of their parents. This concept from the dark-ages of history has been eliminated in every corner of our society except for family law. It is time for family law to be cleansed of these medieval prejudices and biases.  

Not only is this a 50-billion-dollar net windfall to people who add zero value to our society, it creates a staggering drain on our national productivity and creativity. The current system devastates families financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It destroys people and effects the bottom-line of the companies these people work for as a massive hidden tax that drains their vitality.

In modern business, even low-level workers can have tremendous impact. A distracted oilfield worker drives a dozer into a multi-million-dollar facility causing massive loss to the company and a week’s long surge in local gas prices because his child was taken from him. A computer programmer stressed about losing her child misplaces a single comma and a cloud based service used by millions of people crashes for hours if not days.

For most parents, our children are the most important things in our lives. When our children are unjustly taken from us, based on nothing more than the biased opinion of a single government bureaucrat, it affects us I profound ways. When family law judges make comments like, “fighting for your constitutional rights isn’t in your child’s best interests”, and appellate courts support those comments, it becomes abundantly clear that justice is absent from the system and family law codes don’t need band aides or quick fixes, they need a ground up transformation.

The very bedrock presumptions upon which family codes existed have been deemed unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has found extensive protections for free association in family and marriage that has shattered the foundations of current family law codes. That means these codes are totaled and cannot be repaired. These codes must be torn down to the bedrock and reengineered from the ground up on the concept that all parents and children are equal in the eyes of the law and there can no longer be any discrimination based on marital status.

This is the only way we are going to have a system of family law in this country that serves the needs of everyone in society, the reflects our country’s principles and values, that protects children, and that does not rob society of its vitality. We need a new family law system in this country that reflects not the Dark Ages values of bastardy and marital discrimination but the 21st Century values of equality, justice, and no discrimination based on marital status.

In order for this to happen, our nation must have a national discussion on the rights of parents and the rights of children. We must have a discussion about when and how government is to be allowed to infringe these rights. We will need to discuss the differences between what marriage and family means to us as individuals and what we can impose on others through government force within the spirit and letter of our constitution.

Ron B Palmer is just the right person with just the right experience and passion to make this happen and The National Family Law Policy Center is just the right organization at just the right time to formalize our 21st Century national values into sound constitutionally compliant family law policy.

Ron is a constitutional scholar with a wealth of information regarding constitutional law as it applies in the area of family law. If you want knowledge of our constitution and what it means to family law in this country, Ron is the person to see.


However, Ron B Palmer is NOT an attorney and does NOT practice law in any state.  If you need legal advice about how to apply specific law to specific facts in your case and about what legal decisions to make in your case, then seek the help of an attorney in your state. There are a very small number of attorneys willing to protect your constitutional rights in family law and an even smaller number with a real understanding of how to do that. Regardless, seek them out and ask them to incorporate protection of constitutional guarantees for you and your child in your case.


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